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Advances in vacuum science and technique are the major reason for the remarkable achievements reached in the last decades, in many scientific fields. The ability to produce high vacuum, allowed the study of critical reactions in gas phase; generation of ultra-high vacuum, lead to the foundation of nanotechnology and to the establishment of surface science; and creation of extreme high vacuum is improving the performance of large accelerators.

Although, further progresses in vacuum science are still expected, its applications still have much to develop. Every day, new scientific and technical accomplishments are reported in fields as nanocatalysis, functional thin films or plasma applications.

Therefore, scientists and engineers, whose research is vacuum dependent, have much to share and to discuss in a forum as the Iberian Vacuum Meeting intends to be. Special attention will be given in a parallel conference to the application on hard coatings, due to its increasing relevance in the production of new devices and tools.

Welcome all of you who continue using vacuum, no matter the application. Come to the 7th Iberian Vacuum Meeting and 5th European Topical Conference on Hard Coatings held at Caparica in June 22-25, 2008. Your contribution will be most welcome and your presence surely rewarded.

Orlando M.N.D Teodoro
José L. de Segovia